Line Drawing Blocks to Color

Tips for Lefties

Seems like I am getting more and more questions about tips for using my ruler and method for lefties!  
I put together a little handout (link below) that gives tips and some edited instructions from the Skinny Robin 45˚ and Fat Robin 60˚ Books.  
This handout is also available on my website under the TIPS tab.

My best tip is to
turn the book upside down when you are looking at the illustrations.

My best student (my Mom) is left handed, so this is what she tells me works the best.  Students in my classes have been doing this, and it seems to work pretty well for most folks.

Compass Chameleon Booklet

For my Spring 2018 Schoolhouse presentation, I gave out this booklet which shows some of my best and most basic patterns in other fabric options. I was trying to show folks that no matter if you are traditional or modern, or somewhere in between, there is a compass project that suits you!

Block Finishing Tips

Info for making faced circle centers, and for finishing your raw compass blocks into your background including instructions for both appliqué and for sewing your block into a square.

How to make  "Round Sunflowers"  

Instructions for making raw Sunflower blocks without the protruding points. This method allows you to make raw Sunflower blocks that are more round - like the raw Compass and raw Compass Sunflower blocks - which you would finish into a circle for appliquéing onto your background or sewing into your background.

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