Time to get creative!

Top Row:  Skinny Robin Compass and Fat Robin Compass
Bottom Row:  Skinny Robin Compass Sunflower and Fat Robin Sunflower

Just wanted to share with you some sample blocks that I made to submit to a magazine editor (hopefully more details on that soon!).  After finally finishing the second set of new video tutorials, now I have some time to create some new quilts and ideas to have ready for Quilt Market in Houston this October.  As usual, I have a few more ideas than I probably have time for but am excited to see if I can execute what is in my head to some new quilt design concepts.  

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at all the other things that will need to be done to get ready for Quilt Market.  You would think that just designing some new quilts would be enough, but I guess it is also important to have an enticing booth design!  This will be my first official trade market booth, so am thinking there will be a bit of learning curve here.  I'm also working on some animations to show more easily how my blocks go together and would like to have those ready to show in my booth for market as well.  These are all creative endeavors that I look forward to, but I just wish they weren't all going at once!  One foot in front of the other..........

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