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What started as a quest to make a Mariner’s Compass quilt for her submarine officer husband, Robin Long took an idea she had in 1992 and launched Robin Ruth Design in January, 2015.  She has developed a new line of revolutionary rulers, books, patterns and technique for making STRIP-PIECED mariner’s compass blocks in16 sizes – that’s right, NO PAPER PIECING!  

This system of rulers begins with the Skinny Robin 45˚and Fat Robin 60˚ Mariner's Compass Books/Rulers;  each used to create slightly different mariner's compass blocks in 16 sizes (from 6"-36") using the exact same process.  The only difference is that Skinny Robin is based on a 45˚ angle and Fat Robin is based on a 60˚ angle. This revolutionary strip-piecing method enables you to make the once tedious and unapproachable mariner’s compass block quickly and accurately.  Now you will be able to easily incorporate these blocks into your own creative quilt project!  

This is a system of rulers to make mariner's compasses.  For every compass block you will need either the Skinny Robin 45˚ or Fat Robin 60˚ Mariner's Compass Book and Ruler.

You will also find instructions on how to make Quarter and Half  Compass Blocks, plus ideas and steps to finish your blocks.

Add the Skinny Robin and Fat Robin  Companion Booklets, and make even more blocks with the use of  your original Skinny Robin 45˚ and/or Fat Robin 60˚ Books/Rulers.

Included in each Companion Booklet are two 'jelly roll friendly' quilts.

And here is the 32-Point Mariner's Compass Ruler and Book for making 32-point Skinny and Fat Compasses.  

This 32-Point Mariner's Compass Ruler works together with the Skinny Robin 45˚ and/or Fat Robin 60˚ Mariner's Compass Books/Rulers to turn your 16-Point Compasses into 32!

Add the Skinny Robin and/or Fat Robin Companion Booklets and make even more 32-point compass combinations.

Back cover of the 32-Point Mariner's Compass Book explaining how the system works .

All of the mariner's compass blocks you can now make using the Robin Ruth Design system of rulers.  And remember that each of these blocks can also be made in 16 sizes!

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